Vegan Omega 3 Tablets are a nutritional powerhouse for Vegans and Vegetarians.

SBN Vegan Omega 3 Tablets are a premium dietary supplement designed specifically for vegans and vegetarians seeking the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Packed with 1000mg of omega-3 goodness, each tablet contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 550mg and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 350mg, offering a well-balanced formula for optimal health. 

Available in two sizes, 30 tablets, and 60 tablets. Vigour Vegan Omega 3 supplements are conveniently packed in a jar for easy storage.

SBN Omega-3 supplements for vegans are available at a competitive and affordable price, allowing you to prioritize your health without breaking the bank.

We offer two convenient options to suit your needs. The 30-tablet jar is priced at INR 425, providing you with a month’s supply of omega-3 goodness.

If you prefer a larger quantity, our 60-tablet jar is available at just INR 850, offering even greater value and a two-month supply.

We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality omega-3 supplements, and we strive to make our Vegan Omega 3 Tablets accessible to all individuals seeking optimal health and well-being.

Invest in your health today with our reasonably priced vegan omega-3 supplement.

Benefits of Vegan Omega 3

Heart Health: Omega-3 fatty acids are known to promote cardiovascular well-being by maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and supporting overall heart function.

Cognitive Support: EPA and DHA play a crucial role in brain development and function, supporting memory, focus, and cognitive performance.

Joint and Bone Health: Omega-3s possess anti-inflammatory properties, which may alleviate joint stiffness and discomfort, promoting better joint health.

Eye Health: DHA is a major component of the retina, making it vital for maintaining optimal vision and eye health.

Mood and Emotional Balance: Omega-3s are associated with improved mood, reducing symptoms of depression, and supporting emotional well-being.

Healthy Skin and Hair: The nourishing properties of omega-3s contribute to healthy skin, reducing inflammation and promoting a vibrant complexion. They also support strong, shiny hair.

Why do vegans need an Omega-3 supplement?

Plant-based omega-3 sources: While omega-3 fatty acids are commonly found in fish oil, our Vegan Omega 3 Tablets offer a sustainable and plant-based alternative. They derive their omega-3s from algae, which is nature’s source of these essential nutrients.

Essential nutrient for vegans: Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that play a crucial role in maintaining overall health. Vegans often have limited dietary sources of omega-3s, as they avoid fish and other animal-derived products.

Overcoming deficiencies: By incorporating our Vegan Omega 3 Tablets into your daily routine, you can bridge the nutritional gap and ensure you meet your body’s omega-3 needs without compromising your dietary choices.

Features of SBN Vegan Omega 3

High EPA and DHA content: Each tablet is carefully formulated to provide optimal amounts of EPA 550mg and DHA 350mg. This potent combination delivers maximum health benefits.

Algae-based formula: Our tablets are derived from algae, a rich and sustainable plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. This ensures purity, potency, and a product that aligns perfectly with your vegan lifestyle.

Premium quality: We take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients to create our Vegan Omega 3 Tablets. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a product that meets stringent quality standards.

Convenient packaging: Available in both 30-tablet and 60-tablet jars, our Vegan Omega 3 Tablets are packed for your convenience, ensuring a sufficient supply to meet your dietary needs.

How to Choose Vegan Omega 3?

Look for algae-based formulas: Ensure the supplement is derived from algae to ensure it is vegan-friendly and sustainable.

Optimal EPA and DHA content: Check the levels of EPA and DHA in each tablet to ensure you’re getting sufficient amounts for maximum health benefits.

High-quality ingredients: Choose a supplement that uses premium-quality ingredients to ensure purity and potency.

Third-party testing: Look for products that undergo rigorous third-party testing to verify their quality and safety standards.

How to use Vegan Omega 3 Tablets?

  • Take one tablet daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.
  • Swallow the tablet whole with water and do not chew or crush it.
  • For best results, incorporate a balanced diet and regular exercise alongside your omega-3 supplement.

Experience the numerous health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids with SBN Vegan Omega 3 Tablets. Buy Vigour Vegan Omega 3 online and nourish your body with the goodness it deserves.