SilverBack Nutrition

SilverBack Nutrition is dedicated to fit India.

Despite of being developing country, people of India has lack of knowledge regarding their nutrition and diet. Silverback Nutrition do not only provide nutrition we also tread knowledge through our qualified and most experienced nutritionist and dietician. Silverback’s goal is to make India fit.

To feel fit one has to look fit thus Silverback Nutrition has various range of fitness apparels & accessories.

People who work hard for their fitness must be rewarded with the desired result and Silverback Nutrition is dedicated to that.

Even sports persons carries out intense physical exercises related to their respective sport. Silverback Nutrition is designed to fulfill their requirement too.

Also if someone is not involved in any physical exercises but he/she feels exhausted due to nutrition deficiency, Silverback Nutrition is designed to make them fit again.

Therefore, Silverback Nutrition is for all.
All the products have adequate amount of nutrition for optimum result. Purest form of nutrition is designed to enhance desired result.

Our mission is to provide the best needed element to India’s fitness & sports industry and make India to Be fit, Look fit and Feel fit. We want the fitness and sports industry to grow as much as they can so that India will become fit and eventually our mission will be accomplished.

Our vision is to become global leader in fitness & sports industry. From the start consumers have praised our product and we expect such love in the future too. We are trying our best to become so but we need your full support to achieve our vision.


Who We Are

SilverBack is a brand of DMK India Health Care. DMK INDIA HEALTH CARE was established in 2014. SilverBack Nutrition- A sports nutrition brand was launched by DMK India Health Care in August 2019. It is a Pharmaceuticals company based in Surat. It is mainly involved in the import and export of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. It also has a domestic network which supplies pharmaceuticals products in the country. The company’s initial goal was to establish a domestic market.

Once we had a full grip on the domestic market we started exporting pharmaceutical products in 2017. The main reason behind launching SilverBack Nutrition was that DMK India Health Care had great success in Pharmaceutical products so using the experience company decided to launch quality and genuine Sports nutrition products for the Indian community.

Quality Assurance

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